Establishment of Citizen Liaison Cell

This activity has been designed to develop institutional framework, organogram and HR needs to institutionalize and internalize social aspect of communities WSSP, bridging citizen’s and WSSP gap and enhance customers trust on WSSP.

This will promote the WSSP objectives and a complete road map will be developed for WSSP communication in the field/Communities. This activity will also bring the Buy-Ins from the general public through comprehensive sessions and consultative workshops involving the major stakeholders and community thus developing a liaison between them.

The TORs are developed and published where only one NGO applied and qualified both technically and financially. The contract is awarded to the qualified bidder (SABAWON).

The consultant (SABAWON) has submitted the inception report, organogram of CLC, and as per deliverables the 4 NCs as Model NCs have been identified. The communication campaigns, school and community sessions, social media update, network formation at community level, network formation at schools level, School competitions and other field activities have been started.