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WSSP expands sanitation services to UC Sarband

WSSP head office on the occasion of Black Kashmir Day

wssp replaces 24.65 kilometers old rusted pipelines

WSSP organizes art competition at University of Peshawar

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Our Aim


WSSP wants everyone to have access to clean drinking water, improved sanitation and manage waste in localities under its administrative jurisdiction.


WSSP has been working on various projects, replacement of old water pumping machinery, installation of flow meters, registration of commercial utilities and redesigning of sewerage system to obtain goals.


With this vision, the company has been making all out efforts, with a clear and comprehensive strategy, to ensure provision of uninterrupted clean drinking water supply to consumers and sanitation. The collection of water rate for a sustainable provision of services.


All these projects have been launched, with a target in sight, that will be completed with a specific timeline for its completion and achievements of goals.

Our Online services / Strategy

Now consumers can download water bills by clicking here. After opening the link please click here enter your consumer ID and take a print.

Consumers can send online request for new water connection by clicking here. After submitting request, our billing representative will contact you for further details and process your application.

Now consumers can download water bills by clicking here. After opening the link please click here enter your consumer ID and take a print.

The municipal infrastructure of Peshawar city has suffered several setbacks over the years, including lack of funding and focus on sustainability. With the current population of Peshawar and the push and pull factors of refugees and temporary displaced families from erstwhile tribal areas further complicated the situation. To address challenges related to provision of water and sanitation services, the Government of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (GoKP) with financial assistance of the World Bank under its Water and Sanitation Programme (WSP), established an autonomous sanitation utility – Water & Sanitation Services Peshawar (WSSP). Establishment of the utility was materialized after three years of meetings and consultations between the government of the GoKP. Finally, Chief Minister of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, approved the setting up of an independent and accountable entity to provide water and sanitation services for the city of Peshawar.


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3066 Water Supply Complaints
8209 Solid Waste Complaints
8210 Sewerage & Drainage
19485 Total Complaints