GIS Based Consumer Survey

WSSP is operating in the area with around total (67000) registered consumers. WSSP has established four revenue zones to commence all its revenue related tasks. The Water Tariff has not been revised since long time despite major increases in salaries and power costs. Presently, the operating costs of WSSP cannot be recovered through WSSP revenues due to (i) low tariff unable to recover even operating costs (without accounting for depreciation or considering the replacement cost); (ii) non-revision of tariff for a long time; (iii) No billing software is available neither billing is based on actual water consumption; (iv) high non-revenue water due to illegal connections; (v) Poor billing distribution and collection system and practice; (vi) apparent losses like illegal connections and charging lower tariff to the consumer.

The major objectives of the assignment are to:

  • Conduct a comprehensive consumer survey of all types of water and sewerage connections of WSSP Peshawar to develop customer base and detect illegal connections
  • Prepare an updated GIS based Customer/Consumer Database for WSSP Peshawar.
  • Development of Billing software
  • Development of the revenue enhancement strategy

SDC Financial Assistance Under Water Governance Program-KP

The Swiss Development Corporation (SDC) committed to support Khyber Pakhtunkhwa – Water Governance Program (KP – WGP). KP-WGB aims at devising aholistic mechanism for KP water resource management. One of its component is to enhance municipal services in the Peshawar city. In the above backdrop, SDC offered financial assistance to the WSSP to strengthen its governance capability in WATSAN service delivery. The project activities were determined keeping in view various operational and management requirements of WSSP after intensive deliberations and consultations between SDC and WSSP.

Project Key Information

Project Location 67 Union Councils of Peshawar City , which fall under the jurisdiction of Water and Sanitation Services Peshawar.
Project Name Revenue Enhancement Strategy through D2D survey
Project reference number WSSP-SDC/CN-2 /RES
Project budget NA
Donor(s)/ funding sources SDC
Project duration Projected timeframe is 18 months with parallel evaluation by the client (WSSP)
implementing agency and partners Water and Sanitation Services Peshawar-GoKP
Project executant WSSP

Scope of Work

The scope of this project is to engage a consulting firm through SDC funding to undertake a door-to-door customer/consumer survey in urban areas of Peshawar to support the WSSP in establishing a database of customers/consumers/Revenue Enhancement strategy with water and sewerage connection details and other relevant information. This survey will also help to identify the ill-legal connections along with their geographical locations.

Under the scope, the hired consultants are required to conduct a comprehensive customers/consumers survey of Neighborhood Councils (NCs) in jurisdiction of WSSP operational area with respect to water and sewerage connections and customer/consumer database.  This survey will help in assessing   customer’s perception, willingness to pay and identification of urban poor pockets.  The tariff plans could be devised through this survey based on willingness to pay, which will enable WSSP to recover Operation & Maintenance cost.

In addition to this, the selected firm will also develop the customer’s repository with data containing the features like image and inventory of properties in the Peshawar city with complete details including connection type, property type, financial history related to water and sewerage connection/bills.

Progress Revenue Enhancement through customer survey

This activity will enable WSSP to develop its customer database and a billing software for its revenue collection. Also through this activity WSSP will be able to identify the legal and illegal connections, attributes of the consumers regarding willingness to pay, customers perception about WSSP effectiveness in terms of services and complaints handling etc, and other associated areas based on which a comprehensive revenue strategy will be developed.

The activity is materialized after the development of comprehensive TORs, and evaluation is already done by WSSP and approved by SDC. Urban Unit Punjab is awarded the contract being the best evaluated bidder. The Urban unit has submitted the inception report and an orientation workshop along with detailed meetings have been held.

This activity will help WSSP to increase its consumer base, decrease the Non-revenue water and will contribute directly and indirectly to the achievement of SDG 6a, 6b, 6.4,6.5and 6.6.

Under this activity the Pilot survey is completed in one UC-Faqirabad, Zone A preceded by a detailed communication campaigned started from the  6th October. The results are under the verification process and once completed the results will be shared with the forum. The detailed survey will be carried out from 22nd November 2018.This will be a fourth month activity followed by the development of detailed revenue enhancement strategy.

In continuation to this, the billing software has also been deployed as a V3 prototype ( version 3) .

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